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The learning opportunities presented to me during my time in Teleperformance have encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and gained new skills. This valuable opportunity was not something that was available to me at my previous Contact Centre company.

Hafeeza Binti Hussain

Working in TP was a learning experience and journey with colleagues who are as close as family and always helpful to one another.

Vanessa See

Working in Teleperformance is a highly engaging, fast paced work experience. A definitive work life choice for me.

Lai Chih Shiuan

The experience and opportunity given by TP Singapore is endless.

Being with TP for 8 years, learning from follow colleagues and oversea TP, open up my bags of knowledge and learning from each other culture is AWESOME!!

Mohd Faizal Bin Ghazali

I have been working full-time for more than a year. Awesome people to work with, always ready to help, encourage and support. Management & Supervisor always there to provide the best guidance or help.

No Doubt, THE BEST Place to work!

Tursida Binte Samsudin

It has been a learning adventure experience working with TP for these few years. No doubt, is not very long but i do enjoy some great moments during these time.

Lisa Lee

Being in Teleperformance since 2016 has helped to push me and shape me into someone with more confidence and more responsible.  The constant learning and adapting to new changes every now and then keeps me alert. Great work life balance is a plus point for someone who’s family oriented like me.

Ezza Emalina Binte Azman

It’s amazing to be in this company, I have improved a lot during the past 4 years. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to work in a pleasant multicultural environment with talented colleagues, strong team and the best superiors. I’m proud to be part of Teleperformance.

Angela Guevarra

I have been working with TP for the past 4 years and I would say that we have a good working environment, great colleagues and everyone is very accommodating. It’s really a great pleasure working with TPSG.

Rhea Bagnas

Joining Teleperformance back in September 2017 as an intern and now as a full timer have been a very exciting and fulfilling experience. The colleagues around me have made working in Teleperformance much more wholesome and enjoyable.

Siti Nazira

Started working in Teleperformance Singapore since July 2017 and raised a few feedbacks back then. I’m delighted that the management heard our voices and feedbacks. Apart from that, I enjoyed my journey here, and my colleagues are like my family.

Muzaffar Bin Rahmat (Trainer)

Been with Teleperformance for almost 3 years. Really enjoy to work with the team here Like a family!

Kent Tan (Senior Account Manager)

We invest in creating exceptional work environments and provide opportunities for growth that allow you to reach your full potential!

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We invest in creating exceptional work environments and provide opportunities for growth that allow you to reach your full potential!

Apply now!